Monday, June 8, 2015

"Final Questions"

1. What are your strengths, and what could you improve upon?
     I don't know if i have a my strengths but what I could improve on is using more often photoshop and to just keep an eye out their in the world because everywhere you go or in every picture they're is a meaning to it.

2. How have you grown as an artist/ photographer this semester?
     I don't think I've grown as an artist or a photographer because this semester I didn't have a lot of opportunities to actually open up and take a lot of pictures which had meaning to the actual picture.

3. What was your favorite project, and why?
       My favorite project has to be the GIF because it was just very interesting and funny the way you can make a lot with just one picture especially because it was our first time trying it.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Photo Essay

All packed for Lincoln city at 8 in the morning food and clothes ready.

Every time we travel mom always has to be posting were she's at its a miracle when she's off her phone.

My brother was pretty excited that we were on our way to the beach haven't been to it in 3 years and he was posing for the camera because I added some effects to my phone which made him look funny.
Got to the beach was very windy and cold but I still ended to go all the way in and off course take a picture like the quote says in Spanish "En el mar la vida es mas sabrosa"
                          (at sea life is more tasty)
Ended up being their for 20 minutes decided to come back and just found very cool the way I saw the sprinklers went up and down the field.

At the end we ended going to this river which is attached to the Molalla river.

Found a place to sit and relax under the trees and saw this creatures falling from leaves and just crawling very interesting to see them.

My brother decided to tell me how the water was but I made him go all the way in to tell me how cold it really was.

His reaction was priceless when he knew how cold it was.
 I went for a swim myself but the water was very pretty and after the sun came coming out more the more warm the water got very beautiful.
 But that didn't stop me from doing homework and studying for finals but it was a great day. All though I ended up looking like a shrimp got a very bad tan on my legs and arms as well by doing homework in the sun.